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Introducing our new Enterprise virtual patent marking account

We’re excited to announce that we have launched a brand new Enterprise account.

Are you a patent attorney or agent who needs to manage virtual patent marking programs for multiple clients?

Or are you a patent executive who needs to manage virtual patent marking programs for multiple businesses or business segments?

If so, the new Enterprise account is for you.

The Enterprise account includes new features you won’t find anywhere else. The Enterprise account provides you with easy access to information you need for managing multiple virtual patent marking programs.

The Enterprise account offers tremendous flexibility. Make sure your clients are keeping their patent marking program up to date by providing them with a complete management service. Or, provide them with a premier virtual patent marking system that they can manage on their own, or in concert with you.

Why should your clients be outsourcing their virtual patent marking program?

Several early-adopters have established in-house virtual patent marking programs that generally involve the use of a single static webpage that lists patents and corresponding patented products. However, VMarked can provide such organizations with an improved implementation and cost-reductions:

  • No web server and database to maintain – by outsourcing to VMarked, an organization can pay a fixed annual subscription fee that is significantly less than the personnel and hardware costs involved in maintaining a web server in-house.
  • Access to a Fully-Redundant Web Platform – VMarked’s web service is set up on a fully-redundant system that provides “substantially continuous and consistent” virtual marking.
  • Third-party certification – when the time comes to enforce a patent, damages may be measured based on the marking dates that the patent holder can establish. Dates logged and certified by an independent third party are more convincing than dates provided from an in-house program.
  • Scalable assistance as patent filings and issuances fluctuate – the ebb and flow of patent filings and issuances can make it challenging to optimize staffing for patent-related tasks. VMarked provides affordable and scalable patent marking management services that make it more sensible to outsource these functions.

Have questions about VMarked’s new Enterprise account? Contact us via our contact page at http://vmarked.com/contact or by telephone at (413) 367-8675.

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