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Virtual Patent Marking FAQs: How should I mark my product?

VMarked offers customers a wide variety of options for marking their products. The following FAQs address some of the common questions VMarked customers have about how to mark their products.

What does my virtual patent mark need to include?

A virtual patent mark must include the word “patent” or the abbreviation “pat.” and an internet address on the product. We also recommend including a clear indication of the product name, model number, or other unique identifier that will associate the marked product with its patent information on the website.

Do I link to the VMarked search page or directly to a list of patents?

Both options are available. Some customers prefer to link to the search page for convenience purposes; for example, this option allows you to mark all patented products with the same URL (vmarked.com) instead of creating unique marks for each product. On the other hand, some customers prefer to link directly to a patent list for each product.

Here is an example of a virtual  link to the Search Page for a fictional product having model number “abc123”:

Patent: www.vmarked.com Model No. abc123

Here is an example of a virtual  link to the Results Page for the same fictional product having model number “abc123”:

Patent: www.vmarked.com/search?q=abc123

Are there other VMarked URLs that we can use?

Yes, you can mark your product with any of the following urls:


Can I use my own URL?

Yes, if you have a domain name that you already own and you would like to mark that domain name on your products, you can do so. The process involves setting up a redirect page that will redirect visitors to the Search Page or Results Page as discussed above. Please contact us if you would like more assistance with this option.

Can I use a custom subdomain, such as “mycompany.vmarked.com”?

Yes, this option is available as a premium service. Please contact us for more details and to get it set up.

Still have questions?

Contact us via our contact page at vmarked.com/contact or by phone at (413)367-8675.


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