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Virtual Patent Marking Website at VMarked.com almost ready for launch!

If you visited our virtual patent marking service website over at www.vmarked.com today, you may have noticed that our “coming soon” page has finally been replaced!
Our Virtual Patent Marking Service has finally arrived!

Yes, the live site is finally up and almost ready for launch! It’s been alot of work to get the website ready to go, and we hope that you will find that it was worth the effort! We are patent practitioners ourselves, and we have been designing this web service to be something we would (and will!) use. We wanted to make sure that we were providing a quality service before we introduced it to the world. There are still a few minor wrinkles to iron out, and tons of features we plan to add in the future. As for now, we think vMarked.com will provide the best, most easy to use virtual patent marking service anywhere. We think you will to, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

If you would like to test the search page at vmarked.com, try searching for R2D2 to see some fictional patent results.

Wait, why is there a search page on vMarked.com?

As a vMarked.com customer, one of the options available to you is to simply mark your patented products with a product number and vMarked.com in place of your list of patent numbers. Then anyone looking for your product’s patent information can visit vMarked.com, type in your product number, and then be presented with the list of patents that you previously associated with that product number via your vMarked.com control panel.

Want to know more? If you would like to try out the vMarked virtual patent marking service, or if you have any questions, please contact us at info@vmarked.com.

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