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Virtual Patent Marking: Why it could make your life easier

Virtual patent marking is a new option for notifying the public about patents that cover your products. Until recently, patent marking meant actually listing your patents on the products themselves or, where that wasn’t practical, listing your patents on a label attached to the product or product packaging. But virtual patent marking offers a new, more convenient option.

Traditional patent marking is inconvenient and problematic

virtual patent marking could make life easier

For most companies, the product cycle and patent cycle are out of sync.

For example, a product may hit the shelves while a patent is still pending. So artwork for the product packaging is prepared with a “patent pending” label. Then, after some months or perhaps even years, a patent issues. At that moment, the company has inventory in stores, warehouses, in transit, and elsewhere that is now incorrectly marked. So a rolling change begins for updating product artwork, but some time will pass before the product’s new patent markings begin to replace the old ones.

This process is not only an inconvenience, but it includes an unwanted delay in providing notice of new patents.

Virtual patent marking solves these problems

With virtual patent marking, you can mark your products with the word “patent” or simply “pat.” together with an address of a website that associates your product with any applicable patents.

Since a virtual patent mark is on a website instead of product, only the website needs to be updated as patent statuses change (e.g., pending to issued to expired). This unhinges your patent cycle from your product cycle. Your patent marking management processes can be simplified because product artwork no longer needs to be updated as patent statuses change.

If you would like more information regarding virtual patent marking, we recommend that you consult a licensed legal professional.

When you are ready to begin transitioning to virtual patent marking, we hope that you will consider using vMarked.com’s virtual patent marking service.

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