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VMarked Update: New features for our virtual patent marking customers!

Virtual patent marking with VMarked is now better than ever with some great new features now available on your VMarked account!

patent license available icon

License-Availability Indicator (patent pending)

Looking for an innovative way to generate licensing revenue from your patent portfolio?

Consider this: Chances are, anyone who looks up the patent information for your product is likely looking to see if there is a patent that they should be concerned about because they are considering making or selling a similar product. If you are open to licensing your patent, then these people are your best potential licensees. Why not take the opportunity to let this captive audience know that a license is available?

With VMarked, now you can do just that.

VMarked is excited to introduce the industry’s first and only virtual patent marking system that allows its customers to generate patent licensing revenue by identifying patents as “licensable.” When you designate a patent as being “licensable,” a clickable icon will appear next to the patent number each time that patent appears in search results. When the icon is clicked, the system provides the user with information you provide – who to contact, how to contact them, even standard licensing terms.

So now, with VMarked, you can not only put the public on notice when you have a product that’s patented – you can improve your bottom line by attracting patent licensing opportunities that you may have otherwise missed.

Instant Access to your Activity LogĀ user activity log menu item

All of the activity on your VMarked account is constantly logged for future reference if ever needed – each time you add, edit, or delete a patent, product, or mark. Now this information is readily available to you on your VMarked portfolio management page. The portfolio management menu now has a new link – “User Activity Log.” When you click this link, the system will display a table that displays all of your activity information.


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